You are the proud owner of a beautiful Pitbull, you do everything in your power to make sure your four legged friend has what they need to be happy and healthy. One thing that many dog owners especially Pitbull owners notice is that their dogs will sometimes out of nowhere breakout with hives, dry itchy skin and paws. The first sign is usually when the dog begins to scratch abnormally or start biting their paws.

The trigger point is often times is an allergic reaction! But, why? and what caused the allergy? Was it chicken in my Pitbulls food?  Many people wonder if Pitbulls are allergic to chicken, and in this article and video we will give you an in depth answer to that question!

Quick Answer: No, it can not be said that “Pitbulls” in general are allergic to chicken. That would be like saying all people are allergic to shellfish, some people are and others aren’t. The same principle applies to your Pitbull. 

Allergies from dog food are unique to individual dogs, your dog could end up being allergic to various types of food ingredients. We’ve seen Pitbulls that are allergic to chicken, certain grains, peas, carrots and other vegetables too.

If you notice your dog has irritable bowels often times or breaks out with super dry, flaky skin it may be time to make some dietary changes and carefully observe the results. If you’re interested in more detail information read our best dog foods for pitbulls article.

Alternatives for Pitbulls with Allergies

When you do discover that your Pitbull has an allergic reaction to a specific food ingredient, what can you do? Are there any steps that YOU can take to provide some relief  to you pup? Keep reading for some of the best “alternatives” to whatever allergy your dog might be experiencing. This article will continue to grow but for now we talk about the best chicken free alternatives, grain free alternatives, topical treatments, and indigestible treatments.

Chicken Alternative Foods

If your Pitbull is sensitive to chicken and allergic reactions ensue. Here are few recommended dog foods that exclude chicken and feature great alternatives like salmon, beef and lamb.

Diamond Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food with Wild Caught Salmon 30lb
  • HIGH quality PROTEIN made with Wild Caught Salmon and ZERO Grains, designed for all life stages, optimal amino acid profile for LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES
  • Premium ingredients with added vitamins & minerals; SUPERFOODS for hard-working ANTIOXIDANTS; fatty acids for SKIN & COAT; Essential HYPOALLERGENIC ingredients
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Red Meat 22-lb
  • PACKED WITH REAL BEEF: A recipe inspired by the Rocky Mountains, this high protein dog food is now chicken free and features a blend of red meat to satisfy your dog’s wild side while helping build and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD: BLUE Wilderness grain free adult dog food is made with healthy carbohydrates including sweet potatoes and peas to help fuel your dog’s active lifestyle. Plus, it contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Grain Alternative Foods

Since many dogs are sensitive to grain, it might be appropriate to switch your dog away from more traditional grain heavy foods over to grain free options. Below you’ll see our highly recommended grain free foods, perfect for your sensitive Pitbull.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe - 22 lb. Bag
  • One (1) 22.0 lb Bag - Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Real deboned salmon is always the first ingredient in this poultry free dog food
CRAVE Grain Free with Protein from Salmon and Ocean Fish Dry Adult Dog Food, 22 Pound Bag
  • Contains One (1) 22 Lb. Bag Of Crave Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food With Protein From Salmon And Ocean Fish—For Any Size Dog
  • This Dog Food Is Made With Real Salmon: Modern Dogs Thrive On High-Quality Protein From Real Salmon, Our First Ingredient

Many of the above Pitbull food options feature Salmon, and other ocean fish. Other sources of protein are plant based like soy.

Allergy Treatments

Finding relief for your Pitbull can sometimes be as simple as boosting their immune system and histamine response. Below you’ll see a few allergy/immunity chews that may resolve your puppy’s itchy skin. The majority of these chews feature all natural ingredients like: Salmon oil, licorice root, and apple cider vinegar.

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs - with Omega 3 Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil & EpiCor + Digestive Prebiotics & Probiotics - Anti Itch & Skin Hot Spots + Seasonal Allergies - 90 Chews
  • BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites are grain free soft chews that support immune, histamine, and digestive health for dogs with skin, seasonal, and environmental allergy issues.
  • ENHANCED WITH EpiCor – At 80 mg per chew, EpiCor contains vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants that are clinically proven to support the body's natural immune defenses to keep your dog healthy.
Allergy Relief Immune Supplement For Dogs - Made In USA - Treats Allergies, Skin Itch, Hot Spots And More - Provides Itch Relief, Promotes Skin & Coat, & Improves Digestion - 120 Chew Treats
  • ✅RELIEVES 99% OF DOG ALLERGIES - Our natural allergy immune treats have been shown to alleviate 99% of dog allergies including seasonal, skin, environmental and food allergies.
  • ✅BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM – PremiumCare Allergy Immune Treats are grain-free chewable treats that contain a blend of digestive and immune-boosting ingredients that promote a healthy response to food, skin, and environmental allergies.

Once you hone in on what exactly is causing your dogs allergic reactions you will notice an immediate improvement once you remove that ingredient from their diet. Many Pitbull owners have seen their dogs improve in attitude, mood, digestion and their coats seem to look amazing too!

As a responsible Pitbull owner, we know you care about your dog tremendously, so continue to be in-tune with you dogs behavior and appearance. By doing so you’ll make sure your dog is happy, healthy and lives a long life.

Always Consult Your Veterinary  Professional

For your consideration! While the above recommendations have worked well for many, not every case of allergies in dogs is the same. For that reason, we always advise our readers to consult their veterinary professional to make sure the decisions they make in regards to their pets health are the absolute best! The majority of information found here on PitBullSmart is from personal experience or the experience of other Pit Bull owners. Thanks for reading!


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