Adding a Pit Bull puppy to your family can be an extraordinary experience, but if not taken seriously it can quickly turn into a nightmare! To avoid behavioral problems in the future, it is wise for any new Pitbull puppy owner to train their new pet. Investing your time, energy and assets into training your dog can make your new puppy’s transition into you family seamless. When it comes to training there are a variety of different protocols. There is obedience training, house training, and social training. In this article and video we will walk you through the benefits of each type of training along with a few our recommended Pit Bull training programs.

Obedience Training

Selecting an obedience training course for you new Pitbull puppy is a great idea. You will have a variety of different options for how to approach this training. Some questions that commonly come up are: “Will I join a group class?”, “Will I opt for private classes?”, “Will I train my puppy myself?”.  There are other factors that come too, like training style, if you do decide to attend classes, how do they align with your schedule.

Training in a Class Setting

If you decide to attend an obedience class: Once you’ve done some research and narrowed down a few different instructor options, ask if they will allow you to drop by and observe before making a commitment. By taking this step you’ll be able to make sure the instructors technique and philosophy align with what you’re looking for. Some things to look for during the class are the demeanor of the other dogs in the class and the other owners. Does everyone seem comfortable? Do the dogs and or puppies seem to be making progress during the class?

House Training


Things to Remember While Training Your Pitbull Puppy

  1. Stay CalmOne of the best tips we can give is stay calm! Even when things aren’t going right. If your Pitbull puppy pees everywhere, poops on your carpet, and eats your favorite shirt, don’t hit or chastise him or her. The poor pup doesn’t know any better, he’s just doing what comes naturally. This would be like a mother punishing their newborn for going in its diaper. Just doesn’t make sense!
  2. Never Too Early to TrainStart training your new Pit puppy from day one. There is always a lesson to learn, even at just a few weeks old. You might not be able to teach complex commands, but start with small things like waiting to eat, until told to. Train them to be comfortable eating around you, etc. Even getting them use to wearing a collar and leash are great places to start training.
  3. Socialize Your Pitbull Puppy.Dog’s that are well socialized are much more predictable and well behaved. Think of it this way, how excited are you the very first time you do something? I’m sure much more excited than the 100th time you do it. This same principle applies to your new Pitbull puppy. If they meet people all the time, they aren’t going to go crazy every time they meet someone new. introduce your new puppy to other dogs, people, cats, the mailman, literally everyone!
  4. Get Your PitBull Puppy Some ExerciseWhen a Pitbull has lots of pinned up energy is usually when they start destroying stuff. Take your dog on walks frequently, play fetch with them, play tug-o-war. By spending quality time with your puppy you build a bond with them. Believe it or not, when you have a bond with your Pitbull puppy it will be respond to your training that much so.
  5. Buy Your Puppy Their Own Toys.Play time is a great time to introduce some training. By only using “designated toys” in games of tug-o-war and other activities, you’re teaching your pit pup what is OK and what is NOT OK to chew and bite. By being patient and only using their toys teaches your puppy a great lesson that will preserve your furniture, clothing, and other belongings.

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